Thursday, June 18, 2020

Man's Hands

 I figured today I'm would take a walk down memory lane.

 I think that man hands films was one of the best studios that were out at that time.

 Like many studios, man hand films took the imagination to have everyone that is in the spanking lifestyle and put it in a roleplaying situation and made it all so real. 

 Some of the studios of today are not so realistic I guess for some that are into the fantasy exotic type of spanking it's good for them but for those who like to see and witness real spanking, man hands firms supplied.

I must not Smoke

 I must NotSmoke! Featuring Evan Novak 

Evan has been told that smoking is not allowed as part of his contract but he constantly flouts the rules and thinks he can get away with it-but the Manager has other ideas! 
Hidden deep in his contract is a spanking clause and the Manager wastes no time in putting this boy across his lap. 
After getting a red bottom with hand the Manager gets to work with the hairbrush.

 Later that same day Evan gets discovered smoking again so this time its time for sirs big paddle-ouch! 

Come in and a peek...... 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sergio Smoking

 British Boys

The Home of M/M Spanking

Sergio has been smoking on the balcony and Dimitri has caught him doing it, the rules are no smoking at all in the apartment.

 Dimitri grabs the lad and drags him over the couch and all the way till he is OTK, no messing around, the little squeal from Sergio says he is shocked. 

Dimitri spanks the lad hard to teach him about smoking, not just in the apartment. The heavy hand lands on his shorts and then his underwear making the lad protest pointlessly. 

 A bare ass spanking is a great way to make the point about smoking and Sergio is really getting a lesson to remember.

 Looks like the lad might just lean this time, we shall see.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

What's new?

I was searching the Internet to see what is new in the spanking industry or who is new.

 Figuring that this industry as I call it the spanking world has grown all over the world but it seems that in the U.K, it never sleeps. 

 I was having a read and the Sun article and came across an article that said.


I became a £400-a-day ‘spanking model’ to pay for my law degree – then dropped out and now earn £30k-a-month as a porn star. 

 This is a story that I've heard many times throughout the years and some of the spanking models last a long while and some don't last pass 3 sets. In all actuality there's nothing wrong with leaving the industry if you had enough of the industry because you must like what you do no matter what you do or should I say no matter what industry that you choose. 

But this article intrigued me.

ELLA Hughes smiles at the camera and peels off her clothes to reveal her red lacy underwear.

The former law student, from Birmingham, is filming a porn movie - something she's been doing for the last four years after dropping out of uni to become a full-time sex worker.

Ella films 'custom' videos at her London home, charging between £100 and £500 for ten minutesCredit: Channel 5

After struggling to make ends meet on a student loan, Ella became a spanking model - paid to be spanked by other performers in online videos - before turning to porn to make a living.

But when her classmates found out about her sideline sex hustle, they bullied her to the point she left her course.

Now the 23-year-old is an award-winning porn star who earns up to £30,000 a month shooting adult movies.

Ella – who features in Channel 5’s Student Sex Workers tonight - is among the estimated one in 20 students who become sex workers to earn extra cash.


" Who's laughing now?"

While Ella is upbeat about her experiences, sex work is not a positive experience for everybody and many girls are forced into filming abusive or violent scenes, or are abused in other ways.

For student sex workers, peer pressure and strict codes of conduct, mean universities can take action against students who bring the institution into disrepute, lead to many not completing their degree.

'I got spanked for eight hours a day for £400'

When Ella accepted her place at Southampton Solent University she planned to become a criminal profiler, working with the police to prevent crime and catch perpetrators.

But the long hours of lectures, five days a week, made it difficult for her to find the part-time work that many students rely on to top up their student loans.

A friend suggested she tried modelling and Ella soon discovered she could earn good money for lingerie shoots and even more for specialist videos on fetish sites - specifically being spanked by other performers.

She tells the Sun Online: “I saw an advert for spanking videos, paying £300 a day.

 Ellis story very fascinating and very interesting it is a very good read and educational on not just the spanking industry but the porn industry as welln And and what they actually go through in the beginning and during. 

Spanking for 400£

Monday, June 8, 2020

Steven Bare Bottom Woes


Spanking Discipline

From the archive Stevens been missing classes, getting into trouble and behaving inappropriately.

A long spanking is decided as the solution to punish and remind him of consequences.

From the wooden spoon, brush and the switch Stevens bare bottom is lit alight as he spends a long time bare bottomed otk for the hiding of his life.


Friday, June 5, 2020

Sports vs Study

Sports Vs Study 

Jist as Johnathan Li is finishing up with Jackson and Tom, 

Michael and Peter stroll up wondering why nobody is at the pool. Johnathan is not amused with now having to deal with two more late players.

Jackson and Tom hope to make a quick exit, but that is quickly shut down. 


British Boys

British Boys Fetish Club

BBFC features original videos and pictures of male to male spanking, paddling, strapping, corporal punishment, birching, canning humiliation and more... Visit:

A reminder for Kiran
to remember to be aware of the situation as things start to relax. Wearing shorts he looks very spankable and once OTK looks even more so. 
Ryan uses the strap to aid the lad’s memory retention. The strap is applied to the lads on his shorts to start things off

and then on his boxers. Kiran has a good selection of boxers and these show him off well.

 Then a bare ass finale to add that

meaningful full stop to the lecture. A great reminder for Kiran.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Twitter Interview

Earlier this morning I was on twitter and I have seen a couple of people and production studios that I

I wanted to feature in our blog. I have talked to many film production studio owners and some other people who want and trying to, make their  " Strap" in the spanking world.

There was this one young man, that stood out and I really don't believe he even knows how much he stands out.

It is not the fact that he has a very beautiful, well- rounded, spankable bottom or the fact that he is a

defendant sub/bottom who aims to please his spanker/disciplinarian/daddy/sir.

One of the things that stand out about this young man is that he jumps up at the moment to be

disciplined by the only stong and dominant men. He is far from an amateur but yet he is so humble

and lax.

Another thing that caught my eye is that he is proud of who and what he is. There is no dought in his

mind of what he needs and wants. I say that because there are so many doms and subs that are

confused about where they stand and/or ashamed of it.

The person I am referring to is SpankedFTM.  


F.T.M and I spoke through messages through the morning. I asked him what was his role in the spanking world.

F.T.M:" I am a female-to-male transgender boy who often needs to put in his place through strong  and direct correction and punishment."

M.D.: So, do you feel that you need to be shown and introduced to the spanking world?

F.T.M: Yes sir, I deserve to be exposed and embarrassed as well as to have my fat bottom endure punishment on a regular basis. 

While talking more with him, he asked me if I was a member of and then I realized that I have been following him for a very long time and on is where I met him.

F.T.M says that he is in search of someone to punish him on a regular basis, but I had to ask " You don't have a regular daddy? He says no, he usually travels around and sometimes get a tourist to Berlin. He is now at a point where he wants to have a long-term connection with someone, but he wouldn't mind a one-off, every now and then.

 He also is a boy who excepts other punishments as well ex, writing lines, mouth soaping, corner time, forced exercise, stress positions, and above all intensive scoldings. Have I mentioned his fantasy revolves around bullying?

I realize that this young man needs some real discipline in his life. F.T.M needs to be over the knee of a strong dominant male, but not so much B.D.S.M. It seems to me he needs domestic discipline.

As you can see, his well-rounded ass needs lots of attention and deep redness applied to him. The point when you stand him against the window of the hotel room and expose his naked body to the world and turn him around and spank him until and after the tears flow down his face as he pleads for mercy but you know this is what he needs in his life..

So today I introduce SpankFTM to all the members, followers, subscribers of The Art Of Male Spanking!

Let us welcome him in, we will definitely see more of him and his spanking adventures.

You can also catch him on twitter at SpankedFTM

You might be his next uncle... 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Corner Time

Corner Time

 Over the years I was always asked   If corner time was an important factor in spanking sessions.

 In all of the sessions that I provide, I always make sure that corner time is a part of it.

 It doesn't matter what type of session it is corner time is something that I call reflection. Reflection time is a time where your sub or your boy thinks about his or her misbehavior or how he or she can please you more.

 I asked some of my subs how they feel about corner time,  Most of the time the answer that I get is, it's time for them to cool their asses off after a long hard spanking. 

 During this time that they are in the corner, this actually gives me the time to have a conversation with them about their misbehavior and how they plan to correct their misbehavior.

This can also be a great tool for communication between your sub.  Just like any relationship communication is the key and if you cannot communicate with your sub, then you don't know what they're need and wants  & neither does the subs..  and then the relationship that you think you have, you  actually don't. The only thing that you have is a spanking hookup, on a regular basis. 

Just Barry

 This new compilation features the popular Sting model 'Barry'.  This handsome lad had a very large fan base and appeard im many fil...

Domestic Discipline