Sunday, May 31, 2020


On this day I would like to spotlight Saggers.  I was streaming through the Internet and I realized that saggers have actually had sagger jeans now the point of this I do not know but what I do know is that instead of sagging your pants there are jeans that are made to only go up under your buttocks. 

 My theory of sagging your pants is either to show off your underwear or show off your ass.  And of course with my mind frame when I see someone sagging it is a call out for someone to discipline them. 

 But I must say that some people that sagged their pants look very spankable and attractive at times. 

 One thing that I cannot stand is when someone is sagging their pants they put dirty or cut up underwear. 
 I am never going to forget when I was in the era of sagging my pants. Yes I thought it was cool I thought it was the thing to do and when I was younger I must admit my body was very intriguing and have an ass to die for 
( that part didn't change)
 But I remember this day like it was yesterday I would stand in my neighborhood and I stayed in the projects so the areas were called courts. 
 I was standing around talking to my friends and of course, my pants were sagging right up under my ass, leaving my big, round, young cheeks out, stretching my boxer briefs as they griped and shaped my ass so deliciously. 
 I always thought that some of my friends were looking at my ass but I really didn't care too much. 
 Not paying too much attention to anything else but the conversation that I was having with my friends about going to the gym. 
I hear a voice coming up from behind me. 
" Junior! Bring your ass here now!"
 Needless to say, it was my father. My father had a very much dislike for boys who wore their pants below their waist. He thought it was very disrespectful and uncouth.
 Nervously I walked up to him and answered with a very humble " Yes Sir".
He said to me "  I do not know how many times I have to tell you that sagging your pants is a very respectful thing and I will not have you just respecting yourself or this family in this manner or any manner.  The sense you want to disrespect yourself I am going to show you and all of your friends with disrespecting yourself and family will cost you!  I see that you do not understand that when you dress the way that you are you are giving yourself the stigmatism that they put on all of the youth as Thugs and you BOY! are not a thug.
 I turned to look at all of my friends, grinning and some trying to look away from him. 
 My father took off his leather belt and commence to tearing my ass up in public for all to see what sagging brings. 
 While that he was belting me in the middle of the court I tried my best not to whine or cry or let  out any yelping but we all know father connects to your ass you cannot help it.
 I do not care what anyone says when you are being punished in front of  your friends and for everyone else's eyes to see the punishment becomes more painful and more embarrassing than ever before.
 After about 15 minutes of getting my ass whooped outside he grabs me by my ears and takes me through the court and up the steps after entering the building which we lived on the 3rd floor so he was swatting my ass all the way up the stairs.
 As I began to plead and beg for the spanking to end but I knew that it was just the beginning. Feeling the sting through my boxers which I guess it would because they were so tight and so close to my skin and my pants was down anyway which gave more access. 
 My father ignored my plea and continued until we got to the door. He opened the door and sent me to my bedroom and ordered me to the corner. 
 My point is this, Sagging your pants may be a fashion statement or in my be because they do it because other people do it but I have learned a lot from that day.  Which is not to follow behind nobody and if I want to show my ass then I deserve to get my ass spanked.
 So that is where I come up with the theory if you sagg your pants around me, be ready to be thrashed. 
 To finish off the story and not trying to make it too long after 25 minutes he came in the Room and he spanked me for 45 minutes more with my tight boxer briefs still on, while I staid in the corner. 

Here are some other Sagging photos you might enjoy and fantasize about spanking.

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