Saturday, May 30, 2020


Franco !! 

I received an email from a viewer, who sent me a couple drawings from the legendary Franco. 

Anyone from anyone who is in the world of spanking has some time or another came across the 

drawings of Franco. 

Franco has a way of taking our deepest inner thoughts about the spanking world as well as the 

spanking lifestyle and putting it on a canvas. 

Whether it be a man or woman, Franko has taken his skill and draws out fantasies or memories. 

I think we all had a thought or experience of being punished in the dean's office or by the coach or 

the fact that we wish we were the dean or the coach. Being punished over the knee with your mate in 

the corner after he has been thrashed completely as you watched and seen what your demise would be. Franko has captured the thought, but I always wondered if he ever was in any of these situations? 
Time will tell upon that answer. 

Could you imagine being paddled after class by your teacher along with your classmate because you 

or he did not turn in your written exam after you have been told two weeks prior to the exam day? 

 To think of stripping down in front of your friend and being paddled on your bare ass, bent over with your legs spread shoulder length.

Not noticing your mate enjoying every bit of it, not ashamed to have his throbbing penis erecting as 

he stands in the corner after his paddling?  Franko thought of it! 

Never too old! 

So, it is your 21' st birthday and your father comes in with your birthday cake. You smile in a sarcastic way and tell your father you are too old for a birthday cake. You never took into consideration that he baked the cake by scratch and he thought of you enough to do it himself and not buy it from the store. 

Your father looks to you with a grin of anger and tells you to strip off your pants and underwear because you seem to have forgotten your respect and morals. You look to him with a surprised look on your face and mumble " I am too old for a spanking, father!" 

Your father says nothing as you remember the last spanking you received from him for not obeying his wishes. You take off your pants and underwear and get across his lap. Your father begins swatting your firm round ass and says " Happy Birthday Boy" - Franko thought about it... 

Have you ever imagined that your doctor giving you a spanking because you did not do the things he told you to do? like, take your meds or something of the other. 

I know for myself when my doctor would instruct me to do certain things and I don't comply and I go back for my follow up appointment. I know he just wants to take me across his knee and spank my ass good and hard. 

Franko has so many drawings that I could go on and on with different scenarios and script writings or descriptions.  Father/ Son, Grandma? Grandson, Coach/ Player, etc... Franko has even gone to fraternity/ society spankings with throbbing penis' to add. Which by the time some of you get finished reading this post, you are ready for a good thrashing with your cocks throbbing and dripping... 

Take a look at these drawings. He has captured the imagination of most of us here and around the world. 

I know when it comes to societies and fraternities we all think of spankings and some type of ritual. 

I pledge naked receiving a good, hard, long, and embarrassing spanking, and paddling always comes to mind. Of course, I would like the idea and so does Franco! 

I will end with the last few drawings. Please feel free to email me any request or if you would like to be spotlighted.  You can email me at 


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