Friday, May 15, 2020

Dean's Student Spanking

Dean has always been a good glad. He was always on time for class and completed all of his assignments. 

But it seems that the bad behavior has rubbed off him a little bit too much. Dean is a perfect meaning a head boy. He is looked at as a student that knows and follows the rules and guidelines of the institute. 

But as always, no matter how we look at it " Boys will be Boys". 

Dean was pissing about in the classroom as well as being tardy to class. Dean seemed to be hanging with some of his mates last night or so and lost all of his " perfect" characteristics.

Obviously, the Master took notice of his actions and attitude and sent him with a summons to see the Head Master John. 

Upon arriving at the office, Dean began to think about his ways but it was a little too late for that, so he knocks on the door and hears Head Master John say " Come in" in a stern but calm voice. 

Head Master John asks Dean what is going on after he reads the record. Dean could not give Head Master a reason for reasoning but Head Master John knows how to reason with or without reasoning. 

Head Master gets up from his desk and goes to the coach in his office and takes a seat and instructs Dean to get into position over his knee. Without hesitation, Dean goes over Head Master's knee knowing what is about to happen.

Dean feels the swats from the Head Master but knows the pain will become more intense and the smirk on his face will soon disappear. Being perfect we all know when they misbehave there will be grand consequences to pay. 

Just as expected the uniform pants come off and the spanking becomes more real and painful to the " perfect" lad. Dean had a thought that his knickers would protect his bum, but as you will see he was wrong.  He begins to yelp but does not come out of position, because he knows what would come from that. 

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After his discipline Dean goes and takes a picture of his red bottom to send to his mates as a warning of what is about to happen to them. Head Master John, instructs Dean to report to the corner for reflection. 

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