Friday, May 1, 2020

Deacon's Football Spanking

Cp4 Men

Cp4 Men has come out yet again for another great film. As always he has given his boy his just deserves. 

I know there are those who fantasize about being punished by their coach, teacher, principal, etc. 

Well, I think that all will agree that his style of punishment is exactly what the doctor or coach ordered. 

                   Deacons Football Spanking! 

Deacon is in big trouble! He hasn't been living up to his reputation of being a high ranking goal scorer so the coach decided to give him a choice-off the team or a Spanking! 
Deacon thinks it all bit of fun getting spanked but the smirk on his face soon comes off when he finds himself over the coaches' knee. 

When the shorts come off and the only thing he has on is his jockstrap and air between John's hand and his bare ass. He soon realizes that this is not fun at all. The pain from John's hand onto Deacon's ass penetrates through his thick cheeks. 

John realizes that an ordinary spanking just won't do. So he orders Deacon to get the step ladder and to lay across. John instructs Deaconto to put his waist on the flat and smooth step and place his hands flat on the floor. John gets the paddle and ...

After John applies the paddle on Deacon's firm, round and healthy buttocks, hearing Deacon moan from the pain. John removes the step ladder and instructs Deacon to get into the push-up position. 
John then swats Deacon with the paddle with enough strength to get his point across. Deacon goes down " Swat"...

Needless to say, John disciplined his star player the way that he only knows how too, with a stern, swift, firm, and direct butt Spanking. 

After getting his bottom red we see Deacon head for the shower and think about the choices he had been making and how he has failed his team-mates. After his talk with Coach John, I believe he will correct his mistakes, but let's be honest, we all know that Deacon will be back soon. 

After getting out the shower with a red, stinging, moist ass. He comes out and gets dressed and leaves. 

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