Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The conclusion

 Antwan raises the belt and comes down fast and swift making a connection with Roberts's covered pale bottom Swack! Swack! Swack! Robert jerks his body with every strike from the belt. Antwan uses midway strength on his bottom to make sure he feels every strike. Antwan comes back with twelve more strikes leaving Robert with teary eyes. Knowing he is going against the rule of moving, Robert gets up and turns to Antwan and says. 

Robert:  Daddy please this will never happen again please do not punish me. It has been 2 weeks since my last spanking and my bottom is very sensitive, Father!

 Antwan looks at Robert with fire in his eyes. 

Antwan: Junior you must have lost your mind, son. Get back into position or ill put you there and you know what happens if I have to do that, Boy!

Robert quickly gets back into position remembering the last time he moved out of the position. 

{ Antwan is a man of order and respect and teaches morals, dignity, order, and diligence with strong orthodox domestic discipline. Previously two weeks before today, Robert received a severe thrashing for cursing out the gym coach. During his punishment, Robert moved out of position and stood to his feet. Antwan, removed all of his clothes and put him over his knee and applied the paddle and bathbrush to his backside with a conclusion of a thirty-five-minute hand spanking. }

Antwan pulls Robert's underwear down, baring his red toned ass. Joe who is in the corner turns his head to witness Robert's punishment.
As Joe looks about seeing Roberts butt turning shade as Antwan thrashes his ass over and over again. Robert tries not to cry out, but the pain is sinking in as the sting and burn repels through his ass. 

Joe begins to get nervous because he knows his demise is upon him. Antwan stops and stands back. 

Antwan: Robert, get up and face the window and see what your friends think of you getting punished. You see boy, they care less and find this amusing and funny. They were never laughing with you, they were laughing at you. 
Because they knew what was soon to happen. A true friend would not have put you in a position of being punished, but deter you from it. Do you understand, Son? Even though this transgression was mainly the fault of you and Joe, but if I would have never come home, you would have gone with them and had gotten you into the worst trouble.

Robert: { Sobbing as he looks about} Yes Dad, I understand. I'm sorry Dad.

Robert goes into the corner across from Joe. Robert looks at Joe and puts his head down and turns around, still baring his spanked bottom. Joe looks at Robert and walks toward the Antwan and says nothing and lowers his pants and bends over the bed

Antwan raises the belt without hesitation and begins belting Joe as if he was his own son. Joe lets out a loud cry from the start as the belt swacks his brown bottom relentlessly and repetitiously. 
Joe: Mr. A! I learned, please I learned! I promise, Owww, Oww, Owww, Owww I won't smoke anything ever in my life! Wow, Owww, Ewwww! 
Antwan: I hope not, son. You boys need to learn that getting high is not the answer for every or anything. ( Thrashing his backside as he lecture)
You have to learn that stealing is not an option and respect is demanded! 

Antwan stands back and lets Joe get his barrings together. After four minutes had gone past, Antwan takes the chair from Roberts's desk and takes a seat and pulls Robert over one knee and Joe over the other knee. 

"Since you two want to smoke and be disrespectful and unlawful together you will be punished together," Antwan says. 
He begins to hand spank both of them as they both cry out yelps of sorrow and pain as their butts sting more and more. Robert looks over at Joe and mouths to Joe " I'm sorry, bro".

After forty-five minutes of hard and meaningful spanking. Antwan lets both of them up and stands both them up in the corner. 

Antwan: You boys are going to have to do better and Joe if you ever steal and/or disrespect your mother again, I will tear the skin off your ass! Do you understand? Robert, I told you over and over again about this smoking weed and hanging with those hoodlums. You already know what you have coming next time.

Antwan puts the belt over his shoulder and walks out of the room. 

Joe: Damn bro your ass is on fire, huh? I know mine is.. I fucking told you this was going to happen.

Robert: { Rubbing his ass} Yeah, Bro, I should have listened to you, my bad bro.

They both get dressed slowly and sits on the bed and Joe pulls out half of a blunt and smiles at Robert. Robert smiles back at him Joe. 

Boys Never Learn! 

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