Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Spanking Art

Hey readers! 

So I try was on Twitter and ran across an artist that has a passion for Father/ Son spanking art. 

I don't think it's some sick in the brain type of thing. I think it's beauty. 
To capture the bonding between a son and a father teaching his boy right from wrong.

This is what is missing today in this messed up world. 
A Father teaching his son how to be a man.

There are many great artists out here that I will feature as time goes on. 

I guess for some of us, it brings a flashback.
Which with me, I'm glad my dad whipped my ass. 
If he didn't? Who knows where I would be today. 
The thing of it all, when it was all said and done and your laying on the bed, still ass out if you had any clothes on,  rubbing your butt whore out, you begin to think about what you did and know you wouldn't do it again. 
                Great work to the Artist!!

The next day walking to school you could still feel the pain deep in your ass cheeks from the night before. 

Waiting for your friends to walk ahead so you can massage the throb out.
And thinking how it all happened from the begging to the end of your punishment and the only thing your thinking after that is how you don't want it to happen again.

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