Friday, April 10, 2020

Just Looking

Early this morning I decided to look at just to see what's new in the spanking production world.

  I stumbled upon this page and I'm not really sure if I saw it before it looks interesting.

Me being a true fan of punishing big boys, I scroll down the page and see a good size spanked white ass, well actually it was red.

 Of course it was only a short preview of what the video was about.  But when you think about it and you look on this site and you see these previews the previews are sometimes so short that you do not even know what you are actually purchasing.

Sometimes you just go off of the picture or the short preview and hope that you purchased a good video. But anyway, let's get back to it.

So I scrolled down some more and I see another preview that looked somewhat interesting.  I guess what catches my eye is when a video actually has a plot or has some type of meaning to it other than just whacking away for no apparent reason.

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