Friday, April 17, 2020

Dream of Spanking

Good morning, Readers!

I was on Twitter yesterday and this morning catching up on the latest discipline clips and activity.
I noticed a very familiar name across my screen,

I have following this blog for many years, but never got acquainted with  Mistress until yesterday.  It wasn't a long conversation,  just a couple of replies.
I was telling her that Mr. David Weston is one of my favorite models on her website.

David has a way about him when he is receiving his spankings that makes it all realistic. That's one thing I look for when streaming videos is the realness of it. I passed up a lot of videos and films with very attractive models because of their presentation and lack of commitment to the scene.
When the models perform in a natural way and make the discipline scene come alive? They have me hooked and gained a follower, contributor, and buyer.

 Dream of Spanking has done all but fail. They deserve the spotlight in our spanking world.

 One great one from David  " Sadistic Nurse"
I liked how was played out. I'm not going to give it away to much, but you can log in to Dream of Spanking say hello.

 The blooper reels are very comical as well. On the blog they have can catch it all.

You have to admit the mixture of domestic and exotic spanking is at its climax in this and a lot of their projects. 

Dream of Spanking has actually taught me a great deal when it comes to style, performance, situations and how to deal with some situations with my subs/ sons/daughters. 

 Believe it o not i  you pay attention to the storyline, you will see how real this is. 

I can go on and on about Dream of Spanking but I will let all see for yourselves.

                                 The Tutor 

I must admit, shocked to see how big and spankable  Black's ass is.

The Evil Babysitter

 From what I read Sebastian actually came up with the idea of this scenario. From the small clip that you see above, it seems like it played out very well.

 I  Many of you would not mind putting a boy over your knee and giving them the discipline that they need especially when their parents are not home and you have to babysit them and they think that they can say do whatever they want just because their parents are not home, but they did not know that their parents had given you permission to punish them any way that you seemed fit.

Dream of Spanking

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