Saturday, April 11, 2020

Boogie Gets Deserves

 In the early morning on Saturday, In the United Kingdom, England Young Robert 
( 17 years old boy) Greets his father who was in the kitchen making up some breakfast for the two. 

Robert: Good morning, Poppa 

 Robert walks over to his father gives him a kiss on the side of his face.

Robert:  It is very nice to have you home on a Saturday, Usually you are up and about and headed to work.                                                         
                             { Kitchen}

 Robert is actually pretty shock that his father is home, Because his father works long hours during the week and most of the time on the weekends. 

Father:  Yes actually it is very nice to be home. Sadly I think that I will have to be going out later, but not for long., I have noticed some things around the house this morning that was supposed to be done earlier this week that is a part of your chores list but yet I see them incomplete.

 Robert looks at his father with a surprised look on his face. 

Robert's father is a very strict and firm upright man that does not play any games when it comes to things that are supposed to be done and things that are out of place and attitude and behavior that is out of order. He is also a man that is strict and firm and believes in the domestic discipline as well as Corporal punishment. , Like a field Marshal in the British army, he instills excellent discipline, morals, and respect for his son, Robert.

 Robert seems to sometimes fit into the wrong crowd and gets into a lot of trouble at times. 

Robert: Oh, Father, you are always going out to work. Not a day that you spend time at home with me. Mother has been deceased for going on three years and it seems I barely see you. 

Father:  Yes my son I realized that I have been busy. With the virus going about we have to keep the streets clear and keep up on the unruly citizens that we have. They are using military force to help assist the patrolman to keep the order of shelter -in.  But hopefully Robert everything will be fine and things will go back to normal. I am hoping that you are not having company over while I'm not at home? you know for a fact that it is not very safe and you as the son of the Field Marshall, you are following these guidelines as well. 

 Robert puts on a straight face and answers. 

Robert:  Of course papa, I would never disrespect you in that way and I know how hard you worked to keep everything in line. 

Father:  Very good Son.

After having breakfast with one another and talking. Robert's father(let's just call him, Antwan) goes upstairs to get ready for work. Robert gets on the phone and calls up his friend Joe.

Robert: Joe, what's up? We are cool for today, my dad is going out for the day. He said that he will be gone for a couple of hours, but we both know that means all day. You still got the weed? I'm trying to get high as fuck today.


Joe: What's up, Boogie! Yeah, we are still on, I got dat' Im getting dressed now, I'll be up that way in a minute. My moms are about to be out too. You sure you don't want to just chill here. Your Pops is a good dude, but you know what happened a couple of weeks ago? I don't wanna see you get another ass thrashing and I sure ain't trying to feel it either. Since my raise gave your pops permission to whoop my ass, I received like two thrashings already. Your Pops ain't no joke! But anyway, I ain't no bitch, so I'll be up in a minute, Text me when he leaves out.

Robert: Shut up, Bro, you were crying like a bitch last time. but ill see you in a bit.

Robert gets off the phone and starts his chores, starting off with the kitchen and then the living room.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Antwan is getting into his uniform and puts on his thick tactical black belt and black, polished boots. He leaves out his bedroom and walks down the steps and sees Robert cleaning.

Antwan: Robert you are doing a great job, I am so proud of you the way you are keeping the house together. Your mom would be so proud of you as well.

Antwan goes to Robert and hugs and kisses him the head.

Robert: Thanks, Papa. I always try to make you proud papa! I know Momma is smiling down on us.

I know she is especially proud of you, Papa. The way you are raising me and teaching me how to be a good man.
               { Warm embrace from Antwan to Robert
                                              / Real Love} 
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Antwan: Thank you, Son. I appreciate that a lot. Keep up the good work. I have to be going now so behave and continue with your chores. I'll be home in a while. Remember, Robert. No company! Oh, yes, I received an email from your teacher. You have two assignments due, have them done before I come home so we can go over them together.

Robert: Yes Sir, Papa. I will. Don't worry about me, I will have everything complete. I am a daddy, good boy, as you always say.

Antwan goes out the door, smiling at his son and closes and locks the door. Antwan, gets into his silver 2020 Grand Cherokee and pulls out and heads on to work.

Image result for 2020 silver grand cherokee

 After Antwan leaves the house Robert continues doing it daily chores after he is done with his daily chores he hears the door about ring
* Ding Dong*

Robert answers the door. 

Robert: Bro, what it do? Come in.

Robert lets Joe in and closes and locks the door.

Robert:  What took you so long, Bro? I thought you changed your mind. Did you get dat blunt?

Joe: Yeah, Boogie! I got it.

Joe hands Robert the blunt as sits down on the couch.

Joe: So, what's good for the day? Ya, pops will be out most of the day. looks like you got the house all cleaned up, you trying to go out?

Robert: No, man. Im going to chill man, my pops said it's bad out there. Plus we can just chill here.

Robert lights up the blunt.

Meanwhile, Antwan is on duty in his office preparing his paperwork after coming from a meeting. A notification goes off on his phone from his camera system. Robert forgot to turn off the notification before Joe came over.

Antwan looks at the phone expecting to see his boy being honest doing his chores and assignments but sees his good boy, Robert sparking up a blunt in his livingroom. Antwan is furious and slams his bald fist on the desk.

Antwan: I thought I had a good talking too with this boy! about smoking weed and I see he has Joe over when I just told about this. I see im going too have to tear his ass up when I get home.

Antwan keeps looking at the phone as his heart breaks more and more., 

Joe: Pass the blunt! Damn you hoggen. 

Robert passes the blunt to Joe as he sits beside him and lays back. Not realizing the red light flashing on the camera, that is pointed right on them. 

Robert: That shi is hitt' en. I'm hit a bit. 

Joe: Yeah, this is that gas, yo! 

Joe hands the blunt back to Robert and starts rolling another. Meanwhile, Antwan is watching all of this on the phone. He is tempted to call his good boy, son but doesn't. After two hours watching his son and friend, he shows his co-workers what's going on. 
His partner tells him to get home and deal with his boy. 

Antwan gets up from his desk in his office and heads out of the building and gets inside of his jeep and heads home. 
He arrives at home Twenty minutes later and opens the door. The boys hear the door open and move about too slow. They look up and sees Antwan standing in front of them at the entrance of the living room. 
He snatches off his belt as the boys look at each other in fear. 
Robert begins to try to explain himself as the tough Joe whimpers " he wants to go home"


    STAY TUNED!!! 

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