Friday, September 18, 2020

Discipline Duties

Mr. Palaiologos and Jonathan Li take care of student discipline.
 First we see Mr. Palaiologos
go to the dormitory to wake up Tom (in more ways than one), after the boy skipped detention in Episode 3. 

Later Michael Chen shows up to school out of uniform and receives a hard caning from class Discipline Monitor Jonathan Li.
Even though this studio will not be open until November, come take a look at these bad boys receive thier just due. 

Spanking Reflections

                         Deacon Smith

This private fails to make the grain and is summoned for punishment duty. 
He receives 10 with the paddle on trousers 10 on underwear then 10 bare. 
He is also given an extra 5 for being late! 

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Palmer's First Spanking

First Contact Video! Palmer is a devilishly cute 19-year-old straight boy who has never been touched by a man before today. He’s also never done an adult video, but he needs money to fix his car, so here he is! This video begins with a brief interview in which Palmer tells us a bit about himself and his history of misbehavior and physical discipline. 

He makes the mistake of telling Tom about some reckless driving that resulted in a speeding ticket. That ticket becomes the subject of this spanking.
 Tom spanks Palmer with his hand, a ping pong paddle, yardstick and a flog. Palmer seems shocked by the harshness of the spanking. Although he does his best to smile throughout, tears clearly well up in his eyes. Palmer is stubborn. He doesn’t want to call Tom “sir,” so Tom gives him a harder spanking to instill some respect in him. Does it work? You be the judge.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Murray gets spanked

 Dr. Blake's English Discipline

         Irishman Murray returns and is spanked,  strapped and paddled

 Murray is an old friend of Dr. Blake and known for being constantly talkative but he has a very slim cute little bottom perfect for smacking!

This film wasn't originally meant for public view  and as usual Murray talks almost all the way through,

even when getting smacked and only quietens when the pain level gets high.

Originally 40 minutes of video had to be reduced to 11mins as Murray vocalised his fantasies while being spanked and most was 'inappropriate'. 

Dr. Blake has now decidedMurray will have to be gagged if he comes to make future films.

Murray is spanked on shorts, white Y-Fronts and bare then given a taste of the razorstrop and the small stingy paddle and he's soon moaning, groaning and trying to squirm away.

Dr. Blake is in the office to give the best spanking therapy a man could ever want. As you can see is very skilled in delivering great discipline. I noticed that he is. Disciplinarian that goes off of a person's level. 

Murray has the pleasure of receiving anal play along with a fantastic spanking, which you don't have to listen to hard to hear his reactions. 
Could you just imagine, the feeling of the doc's hand swacking

 your bare ass as you are bent over his knees. The burning sensation running all through your ass as the tingle goes up your back.

You try to talk through the pleasurable pain, but yet still feeling his fingers inside your ass, even though they are no longer there

As the doc gives you the power of the Blake hand as he rapidly swats your red greased sore bottom. You want him to stop but your hormones and inner self wants him to continue.

Isn't it funny, though how your body and mind sometimes works differently? 

Your hormones kick in and your penis starts to rise, from the pain that is being administered but your mind begins to turn that pain into pleasure! 

Murray is a good person who can contest to this as well as the Doc's other boys.....

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020


 Dr. Blake English Discipline

Pansexual (Top only, with guys) after a long vanilla marriage Live alone, and loving it, in a little Victorian house in Twickenham, South West London.

I'm Dr. James Blake (Not an academic - have been awarded an Honorary Doctorate not a PhD ) on Clips4sale and have many full length films on there - Free sample excerpts on my Pornhub profile and film Anonymous spanking videos with all spankees

(I provide masks and hoods for complete anonymity) I always start with the sub (male or female) in Prep school uniform (I supply in different sizes) for a sensual spanking...

also into all forms of CP, BDSM, Master/Slave play etc......all consensual... so it depends on how far you want to explore which we agree in advance.

ACCOM ONLY - Like fine wine, I don't travel! ALL who visit me (TW2), I'll dress in English Prep School uniform from the 1960's..with short trousers and 60'S white Y-Fronts.(Gymslip and knickers for naughty girls!) .I provide in all sizes. NOT into ageplay. LTRs, cyber, kik etc.

I must say I love the Dr's work. I have been a follower of his for a good while now. 

You can check out his videos here 

The Keys to the Kingdom


Hear we are once again in the grips of our 

" Dream Of Spanking"

Seemingly, DOS has taken us to the castle where a young lady who is a proud woman who has no idea of the journey she is embarking upon. But yet she is sure about to find out. 

It's funny that this was a conversation  with one of my friends yesterday about people in general who need discipline in their lives and when they realize it they have no idea how to deal with it mentally ( I can't get spanked, I'm a very distinguished man/women) 

We love aural spanking stories. Let us take you to a faraway land: a place of rich castles and dark woodlands, where magic is real and disobedient servants get what’s coming to them.

Once upon a time, you see, there was a girl - haughty, noble and proud. As she prepares to take on the mantle that is her birthright, she goes on a long journey... and finds a lot more than she had bargained for!

The Keys to the Kingdom begins in a fairytale castle and ends in a humiliating bare bottom spanking. This is the tale of a young woman’s struggle to prove herself, whatever it takes. Put your headphones in, and let Pandora Blake read you a bedtime story that's worth staying awake for.

I know this has peeked your imagination, click here to hear this audio story as well as many new updates but don't forget about the classics..

Discipline Duties

Mr. Palaiologos and Jonathan Li take care of student discipline.  First we see Mr. Palaiologos go to the dormitory to wake up To...

Domestic Discipline